Star Bailey, DC,  is a licensed chiropractor,  certified NET practitioner and certified QSCA life coach.  She has been practicing  chiropractic in the north county San Diego cities of Oceanside, Encinitas, Solana Beach and San Marcos since 1999. Dr. Bailey has been successfully using a mind body approach called Neuro-Emotional Technique or NET to help patients who are suffering from chronic pain and illnesses achieve lasting health and vitality.

A former professional jazz dancer, choreographer, and singer in New York City, besides running The Blissful Goat Life, Star keeps busy teaching one tap dance class per week at Dance North County. She also is a singer and saxaphonist in the local band "No Country For Old Men".  Her east coast teaching style is sometimes blunt and brash and not for everyone...but she has nothing but love for all the yogis who visit and are trying to interact safely with her goaties. :)

An animal lover throughout her life, Star first brought goats onto her San Marcos farm so she could drink their milk for it's healing benefits.  What she discovered was an animal with a temperament that was healing all on it's own! Dr. Bailey has navigated symptoms from her own bouts of illness including Lyme disease, Hashimoto's and other autoimmune diseases.  It is her mission to help others discover the healing benefits derived from the great outdoors, animals, truly healing nutrition, exercise, Neuro-Emotional Technique and a spiritual approach to life and health. She thoroughly prepares students for a peaceful and meaningful interaction with her pet "goaties" with the intention of giving people a joyful experience that allows them to connect with nature and themselves in a beautiful pastoral setting.

Demi Piriya is both a devoted yoga teacher and wholehearted lover of goats. She shares the practice of mindful movement with full attention to physical well-being and energetic alignment. Although she works passionately with dynamic asana, Demi teaches with a strong emphasis on yogic philosophy. Currently, she is pursuing her 1,000 hour teacher training certification, in addition to instructing aerial yoga and training aerial silks and lyra. When she isn't practicing or sharing yoga, you can find her at rock band rehearsal. At The Blissful Goat, Demi takes great joy in weaving together gentle yoga flow with the playfulness of goat medicine.

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