the blissful goat

 Sponsor a Goat!

Want to be able to visit and be able to say you have a pet goat but not have to keep them on your property?  Our lovable goaties are available to be sponsored for a small monthly donation.  Just pick your goat, and call us to arrange! This is a great option if you have children who are too young to participate in goat yoga but want to visit the goaties.



The Blissful Goaties are picky eaters, believe it or not, and they waste a lot of hay...if you want more goat time and some exercise, we need volunteers to come out and help us bag up the uneaten hay, trim goat's feet, etc.  Volunteers get first dibs on baby goat cuddling during kidding, text or email us to get involved!

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the goaties: :)

I first bought 3 goats 5 years ago so that I could have milk for my family, have unique pets, and have buddies for my horses and clear brush. The milk is very beneficial for healing! As you can imagine, I soon fell in love with them and couldn't say "No" to more goat babies, nor could I ever choose who to sell as a dairy goat which was the original plan for what to do as their number inevitably grew.  I knew that eventually I would hit a maximum number of goats that I could accomodate.

At the same time I had been wanting so badly to share these goaties with others since interacting with them has brought me so much peace and joy.  :) In my practice as a healer and life coach I was looking for ways to uplift myself and others by shifting our focus  away  from the fear and anger and chaos which has recently taken hold of our country and  toward  nature, animals who balance our energy, meditation and fun. 

As hoped for, a solution presented itself...through Facebook!  Someone sent me a link of a girl doing yoga with her baby goat suggesting I try some yoga with my goats and I said Okay!!! My goats were already naturally jumping on me so it wasn't a stretch for them! :)  The rest as they say is "history".

I am hoping that by providing Blissful Goat Yoga not only can I give people a joyful experience that allows them to connect with nature and these incredible creatures, but I can also encourage more people to think of goats as healing pets. I still haven't been able to part with any goaties, but I know it has to happen soon. If you would like a minimum of 2 alpine dairy goats and have a good farm or ranch home for them, please speak with me about adopting. For those who live inside city limits, the city of San Diego recently signed an ordinance which allows our smaller dairy goats to be kept within the city but you always have to have two, no more or less, which is good for the goaties because they should always have a buddy. :)

*Note: My goats are pet goats first, yoga goats second, and some are dairy goats, but only after their kids have naturally weaned themselves.  None of my pets are meat goats.

The goaties are fed alfalfa hay, orchard hay, goat vitamins and minerals, grass and weeds and fruit from the yard and plenty of fresh, clean water.