Lola and Willie had babies!!! I wanted to keep them all myself after my friends had tragic circumstances preventing them from taking puppies as originally planned, but we got twice as many puppies as expected (12) and the county and my landlord are not having it! I am currently looking for property to buy or rent to accomodate all of us if you have one. I am also looking for homes for some of my beloved doodles as I'm on a timeline and haven't found a property I can afford yet. The doodles are a little over a year and a half old, weigh between 45 and 80 pounds and are non-shedding and hypoallergenic. Their parents were genetically tested and free of any genetic diseases. They have been trained using "Puppy Culture" training system so they are calm when handled and very responsive. They're extremely smart, cuddly and I think beautiful! Pyredoodles are a combination of Great Pyrenees and standard poodle. They are known as "nanny dogs" for their great temperament and care-taking tendencies. They have loud ferocious sounding barks and will guard you and your property with vigor! If you would like more information about having your own blissful pyredoodle, please call me at 760-518-1139.


the blissful goat